Clixtell is GDPR Compliant

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of 2018 is a set of guidelines and regulations established by the EU to ensure the safekeeping and handling of private user information.

We take the GDPR very seriously and took all necessary steps to ensure your data is safe while using Clixtell.

Here’s what we did:

Mapped and identified the Personal Information we collect and how it’s collected.

Identify gaps (if any) between the GDPR requirements and current system, website and business processes.

Rewrite Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy in accordance with the GDPR

Added a “Delete My Information” button in accordance with the “Right to be forgotten”.

Changed our sign up process to collect only the data we need and actively accept our Privacy Statement and Terms & Conditions.

Applied changes to our business flows and internal processes.

Made sure all 3rd parties we use are GDPR compliant.

Appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO). He can be reached at