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Prevent Click Fraud By Automatically Controlling Your Google Ads IP Exclusion List

Our industry-leading click fraud detection software analyzes over a 100+ data points for every click. Clixtell will detect fraudulent competitors, hackers & bots clicking your Google Ads and automatically add them to your IP exclusion list(s). If they can’t see your ads, they can’t click it!

At the end of the month, Clixtell’s Click Fraud Protection will save you money and boost your Google campaign’s performance by preventing click fraud activity before it happens. This will safeguard your PPC budget and bring in fresh business and real users to your website.

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Preventing Click Fraud is Easy with Clixtell

Clixtell is easy to use, yet a very powerfull tool. Using Clixtell, you will gain full transperancy and deep insight about your real customer journey. Competitors, bots & hackers are clicking your Google Ads, draining your budget and taking away your clients. Clixtell’s software will monitor your PPC campaigns, watch out for fraudulebt click activity, and prevent it before real damage is done. As certified Google Ads partners, we’re proud to serve thousands of businesses worldwide who have chosen Clixtell as the world’s best Click Fraud Prevention software!

Why Clixtell?

smart detection Smarter Prevention

Our Google Ads click fraud detection network is learning and improving every day without blocking real potential customers.

faster fraud protection Faster Protection

Immediate and automated blocks will instantly stop any type of click fraud activity.

mobile click fraud click to call Track Call Extensions

Clixtell is the only software that allows you to monitor, record & detect invalid clicks activity in call extensions and click-to-call ad.

conversion tracking Conversion Intelligence

Clixtell gives you the ability to Identify click fraud activity also by analyzing incoming calls and web forms conversions.

stop fraudulent devices Stop Suspicious Devices

Advanced device fingerprint detection algorithm for Google Ads invalid clicks activity.

google ads click fraud Track All PPC Channels

Clixtell monitors traffic from all your PPC sources, including Google Ads, Bing ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, and more.

user behavior on page Gain Deep Insights

Clixtell identifies click fraud activity by analyzing visitors behavior with advanced video recorder Analyze User Behaviour.

google click fraud report Larger Refunds

by Google directly to your account for click fraud activity that identified and reported by Clixtell.

certified google partner Certified Google Partners.

We’re the only Click Fraud Protection software accredited by Google as partners.

free mobile app FREE Mobile App

Using our top notch mobile app for Android and IOS you can stay on top of click fraud on the go

Integrate Clixtell with All Website Platforms
How Does It Work?

Setting Clixtell up is quick and easy. Our friendly onboarding wizard will take you through the steps: 1. Connect your Google Ads account 2. Add a website code 3. Select your business type and that’s it! Clixtell is ready to start working out of the box.

The system will start tracking all of your clicks immediately, constantly searching for click fraud. Our industry-leading detection algorithms will start learning your account’s traffic immediately, flagging and blocking any and all click fraud attempts by automatically adding suspicious IPs to your Google Ads IP exclusion list(s).

Unlike other software, Clixtell will start mapping common idetifiers for the fraudulent behaviour, systematically blocking suspicious CIDRs & networks. That’s why Clixtell is considered by many as the world’s best protection system – we actually prevent click fraud before it happens, not just block it after the damage is already done.

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