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$15 / month Click Monitoring
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  • Basic plan includes

  • Instant & Easy Setup
  • Website Click Monitoring
  • Click Fraud Detection
  • Google Ads Integration
  • Up to 5000 Ad Clicks
  • Live Dashboard
  • PPC Campaign & Keyword Tracking
  • Visitor Timeline
  • Video Session Recorder
  • VPNs & Proxies Detection
  • Service Provider Analyzer
  • Visitor GeoLocation
  • Visitor Time On Page
  • Web Conversion Intelligence
  • Daily / Weekly Email Reports
  • Mobile App iPhone & Android
  • Cancel-Any-Time Policy
  • Dedicated Support


$50 / month Automated Click Fraud Protection
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  • Standard includes all
    Basic Features +
  • Google Ads Click Fraud Protection
  • Automated PPC Invalid Activity Blocker
  • Click Fraud Machine Learning
  • Custom Security Profile
  • Up to 10,000 Ad Clicks
  • Detected IP Reason
  • Service Provider Blocker
  • Advanced IP Range Blocker
  • VPNs & Proxies Blocker
  • Device ID Blocker
  • IPv6 Blocker
  • Enhanced Bot Protection
  • Aggressive Defence Mode
  • Detailed Refund Claim Report
  • Mobile App Click Fraud Blocking Alert

Call-Only Ads Click Fraud Detection ®
  • 1 Local Number
  • +$10 / Month


$ / month Unlimited Domains
Up to clicks
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  • Agencies includes all
    Standard Features +
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Cross-Domain Protection
  • Multiple Google Account Protection
  • User Access Permssions
  • Clixtell Account Manager Panel
  • Native Google MCC Support


Why Clixtell?
Clixtell provides the most advanced monitoring and protection service for businesses and agencies running PPC campaigns. In our state of the art software you’ll find unique features exclusively developed by us enabling you to immediately and automatically protect your Google Ads & Bing Ads campaigns. Our software gives you a wide range of options for account settings combined with an easy, user friendly and powerful dashboard that provides accurate analytic information while instantly blocking fraudulent activities.
Do I have any commitment to your service?
No, there is no commitment to our service and you can cancel at any time.
How many domains can I add?
You can add as many domains as you need into one dashboard, but our plans are per domain. Our smart multi-domain protection algorithm can protect all of your domains as if they were one, or protect each domain separately.
If I have multiple clients, can I create a separate account for each client?
Yes, you can create separate accounts for your clients using our manager account. With our manager account dashboard, you can easily create a separate account for each customer with different settings and integrate multiple Google Ads accounts.
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