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Click Fraud Protection


Our tracking script will monitor every visitor’s IP address & unique device ID. Watch your visitors Geo location, time on page and more. Clixtell’s live software detects invalid click activity, and automatically blocks it on Google Adwords. With our customized click fraud report, you’ll be sure to get your money back for invalid clicks.

Call Tracking


Watch your customer’s full journey from search through your website, to call & conversion. Clixtell’s call tracking software reveals which search keywords, campaigns and websites drives in call conversions. Our powerful call analytics tool will feed your Adwords account with call tracking data and help you increase R.O.I!

360 Website Analytics


Get to know your website visitors! Live & Detailed analytics for every click and call from your website. Download full reports and integrate with your favorite Marketing & CRM software. Live traffic view and call detail reports will help you improve marketing strategies and maximize your Return on Investment.

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Rich Live Dashboard

Our dashboard makes monitoring and controlling click and call traffic on your website easy!
Get every click’s IP, Device fingerprint & Geo location, Block Bad IPs manually or automatically,
Listen to sales calls, Analyze call conversions by the keyword level,
report click conversions – everything right from our Live dashboard & on the fly!

About Us

Clixtell provide Analytics, Tracking & Protection tools for online advertisers in the new digital era. Constantly growing & improving, we strive to provide a safe & transparent advertising experience for businesses and agencies. We help businesses optimize & protect their advertising campaigns, increase sales & profit, and improve customer retention.

We are young, curious, innovative entrepreneurs. We show it in the way we design, build and support our customers. We want our clients & colleagues to succeed, so we’re glad to help. We are Clixtell.

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