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Click Fraud Protection
Competitors, bots and click farms clicking on your ads, cause damage to your business by spending money on fraudulent activity. 1 out of every 4 clicks is defined as click fraud costing businesses around the world billions of dollars every year.

Clixtell is a reliable and powerful automated click fraud protection, user-friendly software, enabling you to secure your Google Ads & Bing Ads budget by constantly preventing and immediately blocking click fraud activity.
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It is a known strategy that competitors click on your paid ads so they will go offline. Our click fraud detection & protection service prevents them from doing so.


Click Farms

“Click Farms” are organizations that can produce thousands of clicks in minutes. With Clixtell’s automatic & efficient click fraud protection software, your P.P.C. budget is safe.



Over 36% of web traffic is generated by automated bots & scripts. Is a bot clicking on your Google Ads? Block them immediately & automatically with Clixtell.
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Stop Click Fraud with Clixtell’s Advanced Features
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24/7 Click Fraud Detection
Our click fraud detection service, actively monitors traffic from your Google Ads & Bing Ads campaigns, analyzing every click, searching for fraudulent activity. Learn More >

Automated Click Fraud Protection
Our powerful click fraud protection software analyzes every click and secures your PPC budget. If click fraud activity is detected, it will be blocked from seeing your ads. Learn More >

Video Screen Recorder
With our screen recorder you can watch video records of clicks, mouse movements, scrolling, and writing text, understand whose clicking on your ads, detect click fraud activity and block it. Learn More >

Conversion Intelligence
With our conversion intelligence feature, you can track all types of conversions, identify and block any type of click fraud activity, enabling you to focus only on what’s really converting. Learn More >

Click-to-Call Ads Tracking & Recording
Our exclusive feature for tracking, measuring and recording click-to-call ads by using a tracking phone number. Choose from our local & toll free numbers available to you. Learn More >

Refund Claim Reports
Clixtell provides a detailed customized click fraud report for you to prove invalid clicks, and be sure you’ll get a full refund from Google and Bing for fraudulent activity. Learn More >
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