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Local & Toll Free Phone Numbers in the U.S. & Canada

Choose from thousands of local & toll free phone numbers available to you instantly.
We have phone numbers in virtually every area code – local or toll free.

Instant phone number setup

When you set up a new marketing campaign, you can’t wait for weeks or days for your tracking phone number. When you order a phone number through our dashboard – its ready to take calls immediately.

Local Phone Numbers

Weather you need a phone number in your hometown or across the country, we’ve got you covered with local phone numbers in more than 300 area codes.

Toll Free Phone Numbers

If your marketing campaign calls for a toll-free number, we have thousands of 888, 877 and 866 phone numbers available to you instantly. Our phone numbers are ready for calls instantly.

Port Your Existing Phone Numbers

If you have a phone number you love – you can port it over to us & track calls to it to! Porting a phone number is FREE! Our dedicated support team is here to help you every step of the way.


The Full Story On Your Phone Call Conversions

Watch your customer’s full journey from search through the click to your website, to call & conversion.
Clixtell’s call tracking software reveals which search keywords, campaigns and websites drives in call conversions.

Dynamic Phone Insertion

Dynamic phone number insertion will automatically show the right phone number to each website visitor. Get up & running by adding a simple javascript snippet to your website or use our wordpress plug-in.

Visitor & Keyword Level Call Tracking

Clixtell’s Call Tracking will show you which keywords, ads, campaigns and landing pages are producing call conversions. You’ll be able to optimize your campaigns and keywords by solid call conversion data.

Campaign Level Call Tracking

See your visitor’s full journey on your website – before, during and after the call. See the full story on your PPC, organic, social, re-marketing & other campaigns. Get insightful call conversion data & where it came from.

Offline Call Tracking

Assign a tracking phone number to track & measure phone calls everywhere: print ads, T.V., radio, e-mail marketing or anywhere you like.


Real-Time Call Analytics & Insights

Our powerful call analytics tool will feed your Adwords account with call tracking data and help you increase R.O.I!
Measure call conversions from online and offline advertising. Measure and optimize Return On Investment down to the keyword level.

Call Analytics Dashboard

Clixtell’s intuitive and simple dashboard lets you know which campaigns, keywords and ads are generating phone calls. Learn everything about campaign effectiveness, visualize call trends, and optimize marketing to increase profit.

Visitor Time Line

See how visitors behave on your website before the call, which page they were on when they made the call, and what actions they take on your website after the call. Identify the pages that deliver phone calls.

Call Recording

Record your sales calls to estimate phone lead quality, train staff members and increase sales. Call Recording is included FREE with every Clixtell account.

Advanced Reporting

Clixtell’s intuitive reports helps you analyze call conversions by source, keyword, landing page and more. Easily download reports and call records for deeper analysis.


Integrate With Sales, Marketing & Analytics Software

Clixtell helps you automatically integrate your phone call data into your existing marketing, sales & analytics software.
When you integrate your phone call data with your marketing tools – the sky is the limit.

Google Analytics & Adwords Integration

Bring your call conversion data into Google Adwords. Report phone calls as conversions to Optimize ROI & Conversions around your best performing keywords & ads.

Cross Platform Call Tracking

Track Calls from all major traffic sources – Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter and more. Optimize marketing channels & campaigns to raise profit & ROI.

WordPress Plug-In

Our WordPress plug-in makes it super easy to install call tracking on your website. In just a few clicks you can start tracking valuable phone call data from your website.


What Makes My Phone Ring?

Maximize Sales & Profit with Live, Dynamic Call Tracking

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