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We instantly provide you with thousands of local & toll free phone numbers you can choose from in every area code.

Our Phone Numbers Features

Local & Toll Free Numbers

Weather you need a local phone number in your hometown, across the country or a toll-free number, we’ve got you covered with phone numbers around the world with more than 1000 area codes.

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Port You Number

Porting a phone number is FREE! Our dedicated support team is here to help you every step of the way. Port your phone number to Clixtell’s network and enjoy the benefits of smart, advanced call tracking.

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Track sales calls and boost conversion rate
with these great features:

Free Trial & No Commitment
Instant & Easy Setup
Local & Toll Free Numbers
Live Call Dashboard
Real-Time Call Statistic
Visitor Timeline
Custom Security Profile
Dynamic Phone Insertion
Source / Campaign Call Tracking
Call Analytics by Keyword
Static Call Tracking
Call Recording
Whisper Messages
Detailed Call Reports
Custom Call Flow
Call Conversation Intelligence
Web Conversation Intelligence
Website Traffic Analyzer
User Access Levels
Google Analytics Integration
Google AdWords Integration
Zapier Integration
Video Session Recorder
Mobile App iPhone & Android
Dedicated Support


How long does it take to activate my phone number?
The tracking phone numbers are activated immediately.
What’s the static call tracking solution?
Our static call tracking solution is a single tracking phone number you can use anywhere to monitor calls. It can be on your website or on any advertising channel such as: radio, email, billboards and more. With this number you can receive information on incoming calls. Detailed reports and call recordings.
Can Clixtell charge my clients directly?
Yes, Clixtell is interactive and can manage your clients accounts by using our advanced account manager so you can create the settings for each client and each payment method per account.

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