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Easy Setup

Once you’ve signed up we’ll send you an email with your account username and password.
Follow our instructions in the welcome wizard.
Simply integrate your Google Ads account, and insert a tracking javascript to
your website or use our WordPress plugin.
Set your security profile.



Clixtell will immediately start monitoring each and every every click to your website and digital marketing campaigns, analyzing every IP address, unique device ID, network service providers, VPN providers, proxy servers, geolocation, keywords, time on page and more, recording all your website visitors by video, searching for invalid click activity.



Our Google Ads click fraud service detects fraudulent activity on your PPC campaigns. By using our advanced click fraud machine learning combining with your personal security profile settings, we can immediately and automatically block any attempt to click on your PPC ads.



Clixtell monitors, detects and secures your pay-per-click advertising budget by blocking any attempt to attack your Google Ads & Bing Ads campaigns and immediately preventing from attackers to see your sponsored ads. Our user friendly and powerful software enables you to secure your Google Ads budget by constantly preventing click fraud activity. With Clixtell you are protected and secure 24\7, so you rest assured that your business advertising and promotions are safe.

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