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These are the questions we hear a lot on our call tracking service and you can find the answers below. But if you have others, please contact us — we’re here to assist you.

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How does your call tracking work?
Clixtell call tracking service works by providing you a monitored phone number that clients will call to and then be forwarded to your business phone number. You can view and listen record of these calls and get analytic information that will help you measure your advertising channels. If you have chosen our dynamic phone insertion plan, Clixtell will provide all the vital information you need and will dynamically and automatically switch numbers on your website by your setting. Data collected will be fed into your Analytics and Google Ads.
Why do i need to track calls for my campaigns ?
You need to track calls for your website because by monitoring calls especially on PPC campaigns you will get vital information about your advertising channels and easily understand what’s really working. Our call tracking will show you where calls are coming from, which campaigns are converting so you can easily optimize your PPC campaigns, improve conversion rate and increase sales.

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