Our Call Analytics Features

Live Call Dashboard

Our call analytics dashboard lets you know which campaigns, keywords and ads are generating phone calls.

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Call Recording

Record your sales calls with Clixtell. Our call recorder is included with every call tracking account.

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Detailed Call Reports

Clixtell’s advanced software provides you detailed reports covering all aspects of your calls activity.

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Conversion Intelligence

Our conversion analytics allows you see immediately the most converting campaigns, keywords, ads and pages.

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Live Call Dashboard
Real-Time Call Statistic
Visitor Timeline
Custom Security Profile
Dynamic Phone Insertion
Source / Campaign Call Tracking
Call Analytics by Keyword
Static Call Tracking
Call Recording
Whisper Messages
Detailed Call Reports
Custom Call Flow
Call Conversation Intelligence
Web Conversation Intelligence
Website Traffic Analyzer
User Access Levels
Google Analytics Integration
Google AdWords Integration
Zapier Integration
Video Session Recorder
Mobile App iPhone & Android
Dedicated Support


What’s the dynamic phone insertion solution?
Dynamic Phone Insertion is an advanced solution enabling to monitor and track calls and conversions on a business website. Once the Java script or our WP- Plugin is implemented in the website and local phone numbers have been chosen the software will automatically change the websites number with one of the tracking phone numbers ones according to your account settings. This solution will provide you with important analytic information about incoming calls, from which channels, campaigns, keywords and enable you to improve optimization. The software will feed your Google Ads and Analytic account with all the data, or send it wherever you choose via simple Zapier integration.
Can i port a phone number into my Clixtell account?
Yes, you can port your phone number to your Clixtell account. In order to port your phone numbers we will need a signed request and scanned letter of authorization, list of all phone numbers you want to port with the destination number each number should forward to, and copy of recent phone bill . This process usually takes between one to two weeks.
Do you have toll-free numbers available?
Yes, we have within our system 800, 866, 888, 887 toll-free numbers, which are available for you to use immediately.

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