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Our Privacy Policy

1. Welcome to (hereinafter: “Site”) owned and operated by CLIXTELL LLC (hereinafter: “Clixtell”). The user is responsible for visiting and/or using the Site, subject to the terms and conditions and the Privacy Policy detailed therein. This Privacy Policy operates within compliance of the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2018. Please read this document carefully before proceeding to understand what use of our website and services will mean to you and your Personal Data (as defined by the GDPR).

2. Clixtell is committed to protecting the privacy of its users, visitors, and any third parties. This Privacy Policy explains what personal information may be collected as a result of using Clixtell’s site and services, and how we use it. By using the Site and/or the services it offers, you confirm the acceptance of Clixtell’s Terms and Conditions and its Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to the provisions of the Terms and Conditions and to the Privacy Policy, you are requested to not use the Site.

3. By visiting or using the site we may collect certain information about you such as; your IP address, web logs, Cookie data, browser signature, geographic data, and other information passed automatically by your browser.
By submitting a contact form on or by signing up to our services we may collect certain information about you such as; your full name, your company name, your email address, and additional information you voluntarily disclose to us.
Some of this data can be considered as Personal Data such as your name, IP address, email etc. All Personal Data will be stored securely and only used when necessary such as to log into your account or provide customer support. The Personal Data we collect will be held for as long as you use our services.
When you use our services we will also have access to the IP addresses of all visitors to the website protected by our service. This is required for the service to operate and properly detect click fraud. Their website origination will not be shared with anybody. This is detailed more specifically within our Terms and Conditions.
Please note that the information collected may be used to:
3.1. Permit use of the various services on the Site and ensure Site’s proper operation and management.;
3.2. Improve and develop the services and content offered (including by matching them to the user on the basis of his identity);
3.3. Identify and address issues related to security, scams, frauds and/or other problems;
3.4. for the purpose of contacting users;

4. Certain services provided on and through the Site require prior registration and entering of Personal information on identification, for instance, address, credit card details, required preferences, means of communication, including telephone numbers and email address. The user is aware that such information will be provided over the course of his registering activity, and that its submission is a condition for receiving the relevant services. The collected information on user activity on the Site, where use is made of the Site and/or of the services found on the Site, is recorded onto the Site in a statistically-automated manner. This information may include, among others:
4.1. Information about one’s use of the site including details on pages viewed, resources accessed, traffic data, geo-location data and other communication data;
4.2. Information about the user’s computer, data from the user’s browser, including the user’s IP address and software and hardware characteristics, by, inter alia, applications collecting information (cookies) on the user, including by third parties;
4.3. Information voluntarily provided by the user during registration or during a purchasing Clixtell’s services;
4.4. Information provided by the user during communication with Clixtell by any means.
4.5. Information about visitor in the user’s domain/s including their IP, device ID, keyword and any other campaign information;
4.6. logs and recordings of telephone calls made to phone numbers linked to a user’s account at Clixtell (subject to the user’s approval that third party’s rights will not be harmed due to these logs and recordings or by playing a voice message advising the caller that their call is being recorded).

5. Clixtell’s services require access to your Google AdWords account. This access is necessary for our system to add IP addresses to the IP Exclusion lists of your campaigns and/or report conversions. This is done via the Google AdWords API.
5.1 Clixtell will not store any information from your Google AdWords account.
5.2 Clixtell will not trade or sell any information from your Google AdWords account.
5.3 Clixtell may add IP addresses to your AdWords IP exclusions list and/or report conversions. We will not make any other changes to your Google AdWords account.
5.4 Clixtell will not request usernames or password to your Google AdWords account. Access will be via our MCC (My Client Centre) only.

6. We will never pass or sell your information to any third parties, with the following notable exceptions:
6.1. If you consents as much;
6.2. If Clixtell is sold (partly or entirely) or if Clixtell merges with another company;
6.3. to improve our fraud protection and reduce the risk of fraud;
6.4. If a legal dispute exists between the Site and/or its owner and/or its manager and/or Site operators and/or a third party;
6.5. If unlawful acts are carried out on the Site;
6.6. If a court injunction orders that your details or the information about you be delivered to a third party in accordance with the provisions of any law;
6.7. If the Site decided to join as a party to a legal proceeding conducted as a result of an act or omission of the user.
6.8. If the Site and/or its owner face a threat of legal action against them due to the user’s acts on the Site;

7. Clixtell may include links to third party sites and services on its website. Providing such links does not mean that Clixtell endorses or approves the privacy policy of such third party sites. The user is responsible for reviewing the privacy policy of such third party sites before sending them any personal data.

8. In accordance with the EU GDPR 2018 and the Data Protection Act 1998 the user has the right to access any information that Clixtell holds relating to you. Please note that Clixtell reserves the right to charge a fee of $12 to cover costs incurred by Clixtell in providing such information.

9. For the purpose of processing and storing data, it may become necessary from time to time to transfer a user’s data collected by Clixtell to locations outside of the United States/EU for processing and storing.

10. By providing your personal data to us, you agree to this transfer, storing or processing of such data. We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that user data is treated and stored securely. We will never willingly pass your data to anyone that does not comply with the GDPR in full. Although we transport your data via a secured HTTPS connection, via TCP secured email, or via SFTP, Clixtell cannot guarantee the security of data sent to us electronically over the internet. Sending such information is entirely at your own risk.

11. Insofar as the user uses the services of third parties provided by the Site, the privacy protection policy of said third party, which is its own separate privacy policy, shall apply. Third Party Sites are free to periodically change their Privacy Policy at its sole discretion. All vendors & third parties we use are GDPR compliant.

12. By browsing the Site, the user agrees to the Site’s Terms and Conditions (including this policy), agrees that any details that may be sent and/or arise from his activity on the Site, including information collected about him in the course of said use, will be stored in the information database as stated herein, and waives any claim that he may have regarding collecting the information, as stated herein.

13. By registering to our services and sending your Personal Information, you agree that we may send you updates or other advertising materials using your details, including email and/or phone number. You can always opt out of such emails by using the un-subscribe link at the bottom of the email or contacting us at

14. From time to time we may update this Privacy Policy because of changes in how our services operate, changes to our company structure or changes in regulations. If this Privacy Policy is changed, we will notify all users immediately. This includes sending you an email informing you that the policy has updated, or notifying you upon logging in to our service. When there is a change in our Privacy Policy you may be required to agree to the new policy before continuing using our services.

15. If you have any questions regarding your privacy or on the content of this Privacy Policy please contact our Data Protection Officer (DPO) via email at