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About Us

Clixtell is a software-as-a-service company that provides advanced solutions for businesses and digital marketing agencies, specializes in detecting and preventing invalid clicks activity in Google Ads & Bing Ads campaigns and call tracking services. The company’s professional track record is based on expertise acquired by years of experience in developing state of the art software providing well-established solutions for all types of businesses.

We provide custom made solutions for digital marketing agencies as well as to small businesses worldwide. Our cost-effective and flexible plans are designed to suit all customers according to their specific demands and needs and to their field of expertise. In a dynamic world that is all about performance, conversions and results, a world where you constantly need to be first and try harder than your competitors, it is Clixtell that can drive you to perform even better, improve results, to achieve more than ever before and prove it to each of your clients.

Clixtell’s advanced tools for online advertising in the digital era have brought its global reputation as a constantly growing and improving company that strives to provide a safe & transparent advertising experience for all businesses and agencies. The company helps to optimize and protect PPC campaigns, track calls, increase sales & profit and improve customer retention. This is done also by offering clients attractive proposals that will assure them with full protection from click fraud along with the highest level of tracking and monitoring tools.