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Who We Are

Clixtell is a well-established professional SaaS company specializing in preventing click fraud, call tracking and website video recording. Our proven track record and years of experience have brought us to develop state of the art software providing advanced solutions suited for all types of businesses.

What We Offer

We offer digital marketing agencies high-volume, cost-effective, flexible, and customized plans according to the needs of each agency and requirements based on the customer’s expertise. Our attractive proposals will provide you with advanced software that will grant you full protection from click fraud along with the highest level of tracking and monitoring tools.

In a world that is all about performance, conversions and results, a world where you need always to come on top and that you think you are already performing well, it is Clixtell that can drive you to perform even better, achieving better results than ever before and prove it to each one of your clients.

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Our Agency Plans

Made for agencies and digital marketers.
Our flexible plans are designed to fit the sustainment of your customer projects.

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Manage multiple domains
Benefit from tiered-volume discounts
Prove the effort to your clients

Protect your customers PPC campaigns
Track calls and conversions
Optimize campaigns, get better results

Stand out from the competition
Save time and budget
Get detailed custom reports

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We will gladly answer any questions and inquiries you have, meet up, in order to further explain
how Clixtell could upgrade your business with a simple offer that you would surely find worthwhile.