Clixtell for Agencies

We Know You’re Good

With Clixtell you can prove it! Easily analyze & protect high priority domains. While blocking invalid clicks, and recording call conversions – you get the 360° analytics you really need.

Stop Click Fraud!

Our proven click fraud algorithm was successfully tested in the most competitive markets worldwide. We stop click fraud. We save your advertising money.

Advanced Call Tracking

Assign tracking phone numbers instantly to online or offline marketing channels. Measure & record call conversions to maximize and prove marketing efforts.

360° Website Analytics

Get all the data you can’t from Google Analytics: Visitor IPs, Device IDs, Time on Page, Caller ID, Call Recording & so much more. Automatically report call conversions back to Adwords, while blocking non-converting visitors from seeing paid ads.

Boost your customer’s ROI

Your customers will note an ROI increase and you’ll be able to prove it. While getting only high quality, “clean” traffic you can do much more with the same budget.

Special Agency Discounts

Contact our friendly team today to customize the best plan for you & your customers. Ask about our high volume plans & affiliates program. We’re here to help in any way we can.