Block All Invalid Clicks Activity Immediately

Secure your Google Ads & Bing Ads campaigns with our
automated click fraud protection software.

Automated Click Fraud Protection

Our automated click fraud protection software provides you complete security for your Google Ads & Bing Ads campaigns. We know every business is different, that is why our software enables you to define how many paid clicks you allow for each user combining with our advanced click fraud machine learning. Clixtell is the only software provider enabling you unlimited security rules to be effective immediately & automatically. By utilizing your business security preferences we can protect your Google Ads campaigns and budget, saving you a lot of money.

By implementing our software you will be able to receive live data on your dashboard analyzing every IP address, unique device ID, network service providers, VPN providers, geolocation, keywords, time on page and more, we immediately block any attempt to attack your Google Ads campaigns, preventing from the attacker to see your paid ads.

We are able to record all your website visitors by video, searching for invalid click activity. Our settings along with your private preferences for your business provide you full protection for your PPC campaigns, with information not available on other fraud detection & protection platforms.
Our clients worldwide report a dramatic increase in their R.O.I since they began using Clixtell. Here is how we do it:

Set how many paid clicks you allow for each visitor
We detect, monitor, record and immediately block invalid activity on your PPC campaigns
Automatically prevent and stop Google Ads scams
View and download insightful website analytics and click fraud data records and reports
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