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Don’t compromise on the quality and capabilities of your Google ads protection software!

There are many PPC monitoring and protection software out there. Choosing the best click fraud protection tool is critical for your business. An effective and fast automated protection only for fraudulent activity, without blocking real potential customers.

Clixtell is designed to be simple and accessible for businesses of all sizes. The system will monitor and protect your PPC campaigns 24/7 constantly detecting, blocking, and preventing wasteful click fraud.

Clixtell will save you money and maximize your campaign’s performance by immediately blocking every click fraud attempt

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Why Clixtell?

smart detection Smarter Detection

Our Google Ads click fraud detection network is learning and improving every day without blocking real potential customers.

faster fraud protection Faster Protection

Immediate and automated blocks will instantly stop any type of click fraud activity.

mobile click fraud click to call Track Call Extensions

Clixtell is the only software that allows you to monitor, record & detect invalid clicks activity in call extensions and click-to-call ad.

conversion tracking Conversion Intelligence

Clixtell gives you the ability to Identify click fraud activity also by analyzing incoming calls and web forms conversions.

stop fraudulent devices Stop Suspicious Devices

Advanced device fingerprint detection algorithm for Google Ads invalid clicks activity.

google ads click fraud Track All PPC Channels

Clixtell monitors traffic from all your PPC sources, including Google Ads, Bing ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, and more.

user behavior on page Analyze User Behaviour

Clixtell identifies click fraud activity by analyzing visitors behavior with advanced video recorder Analyze User Behaviour.

google click fraud report Larger Refunds

by Google directly to your account for click fraud activity that identified and reported by Clixtell.

certified google partner Certified Google Partner.

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for Android and IOS

Your competitors are clicking your PPC ads – draining money from your pocket and hurting your business.

Clixtell will enable you to understand your marketing spend with transparency and simplicity across all PPC channels. Bots, competitors, hackers – they are all immediately identified and sent over to Google for blocking and a swift refund. By blocking the fraudulent IP(s) within Google Ads, Clixtell prevents future Click Fraud and makes sure Google knows about every violation! This will save you money while boosting your campaign’s performance.

Viewing video recordings of your visitor’s behavior as they are browsing your website will give you actionable insights. You can find bugs, fix user experience & bounce rates, conversion bottle-necks, and much more. Tracking clicks, calls, video sessions, and conversions all in one dashboard will reveal the full customer journey within your marketing campaigns. allowing you to focus on getting the quality leads you need.

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How Does It Work?

The on-boarding process is super easy and takes under 5 minutes. After signing up to Clixtell the system will connect to your Google Ads account and place an account level tracking template.

Once you’ve linked your account and set up a security profile for your Google Ads campaigns – Clixtell will begin tracking and analyzing all clicks with more than 100 data points per click. The system will monitor and analyze data like IP addresses, Device IDs, VPN providers, On-page user behavior (mouse movements, keystrokes, etc.), time on page, Geolocation, Network and IP reputation, and more.

If click fraud activity is detected, Clixtell will immediately block it, preventing any attempt to attack your Google Ads campaigns by blocking the attacker from seeing your paid ads.

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