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Our click fraud software – Top Features

01 Automated Click Fraud Protection
02 24/7 Click Fraud Detection
03 Website Video Recorder
04 Conversion Intelligence
05 Click-to-Call Ads Tracking & Recording
06 Google Ads Refund Claim Reports
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Stop Google Ads click fraud and boost conversion rate
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24/7 Automatic Protection
Immediate Fraud Blocker
5 Minutes Setup
Easy To Use
Free Trial & No Commitment
Instant Google Ads Protection
Click Fraud Machine Learning
Custom Security Profile
Real-Time Fraud Alert
Detailed Refund Claim Reports
Live Dashboard
Advanced IP Range Blocker
VPNs & Proxies Blocker
Device ID Blocker
Enhanced Bot Protection
Service Provider Blocker
Cross Domains Protection
Aggressive Mode
Campaign & Keyword Tracking
Video Session Recorder
Conversion Intelligence
Visitor GeoLocation
Visitor Time On Page
Click-to-Call Tracking
Call Recorder
MCC Integration
Custom Analytics Reports
Mobile App iPhone & Android


How do you detect click fraud?
Clixtell monitors each and every click to your website and PPC campaigns, analyzing every IP address, unique device ID, network service providers, VPN and proxy providers, geolocation, keywords, time on page and more, searching for fraudulent activity. With our advanced click fraud machine learning combining with your personal security profile settings, we can immediately detect click fraud and automatically block any attempt to click on your ads.
What is the Device ID Blocker?
The device ID blocker is an advanced scanner using a smart Clixtell algorithm to review each computer, device or browser clicking your paid ads. It then tags them with a unique device ID with 16 digit number, if the same device systematically clicks your ad, Clixtell will immediately block it and the attacker won’t be able to see your sponsored ads.
What is the Service Provider Blocker?
Our service provider blocker monitors all internet service providers that have clicked your ad. You can automatically block internet service providers according to your account security settings.
What is the VPN / Proxy Blocker?
Clixtell analyzes each and every click and verifies them using data servers searching for VPN’s, Click Farms, Proxy and suspected IP ranges that are updated on a daily basis. When a match is made the software will immediately block the IP or range according to the account security settings and definitions. Once block, that user will not be able to see and click on your Google Ads anymore.
What is the Website Video Recorder?
Clixtell session recorder provides you a complete picture of your website visitors enables you to see your website through your visitor’s eyes and get full details of their mouse movements, clicks, scrolls and text writing.
What is the Cross Domain Blocker?
Clixtell cross domain blocker protects multiple domains or accounts as they were one, any violation in any domain or account and Clixtell will immediately protect and block the IP in all accounts, preventing from the attacker to click on your ads.
Do you have a mobile application?
Yes, you can download Clixtell mobile application for free from the Apple Store and Google Play, and get live data on traffic and click fraud blocking alerts directly to your mobile.

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