8 ways Call Tracking can improve your digital marketing

Use Call Tracking to Measure Success

The importance of tracking the results of your digital marketing are long known and well discussed online. Tracking online advertising results, AKA Tracking Conversions, is quite easy when tracking online events who take place on your website, such as a visitor submitting a form or completing a purchase online. But what if – the conversion doesn’t happen online? How can we track offline purchases, or conversions that happen in the real world ? Call Tracking is the answer. With  a Call Tracking algorithm dynamically displaying phone numbers on your website you can identify and relate every phone call to a specific Ad click. You can choose how long of a phone call will be considered a conversion, and forward the data back to your AdWord’s account dashboard. This will allow you to:
  1. Optimize your PPC campaigns down to the keyword level. Adjusting keyword bids is easy and smart when you know which keywords makes your phone ring with customers.
  2. Adjust budgets, edit ads and settings based on facts and not ‘hunches’. Find out which ads are bringing in business and which ones still need a tweak.
  3. Analyze marketing trends by geographic location. Optimize location targeting and bid adjustments by your caller’s geo location.
  4. Be aware of how your staff answers online marketing driven calls. Listening to call recordings can help you train your staff and make sure your customers get proper customer service over the phone.
  5. We Streamline your customer’s interaction with your business throughout his entire experience: from search, through clicking your ad, browsing your website and finally calling in. These powerful insights about the effectiveness of each step in your marketing efforts, can be used to optimize steps on your website or test different landing pages to achieve your marketing goals.
  6. Go back to customer call history and browse back to find returning customer interactions with your website and business.
  7. Finally, after accumulating some two weeks of tracking data on your AdWords account, you’ll be able to enable CPA bid- allowing Google’s algorithm to automatically set keyword bid every time there’s a higher conversion chance.