Clixtell is Proud to Present:
Call Extensions and Call Only Ads Tracking

Google Ads Click to Call Tracking

It is a long-known problem for many advertisers: Since Call Extensions and Call-Only Ads clicks don’t go through Google’s tracking template or any landing page, to date they are impossible to track by IP. Moreover, click-to-calls are charged and paid for immediately when the click opens a call pop up on the user’s mobile device. For this purpose, the user may be real or fake, and we’ve seen automated Bots utilize this vulnerability as well. Because fraudsters know this, mobile click to calls has become a preferred weapon of choice for performing click fraud by many hackers and competitors.

Worldwide, users are experiencing this enormous problem by paying for Call Extensions and Call-Only Ads clicks without receiving any actual phone calls. Clixtell is proud to present the only solution available to date for tracking call extensions and call-only ads.

Clixtell is proud to present: Call Extensions and Call-Only Ads Tracking

By placing a Clixtell tracking phone number in your Call Extension or Call-Only Ad, Clixtell will track every click-to-call in your account. The click report is then compared it with the actual calls received to the tracking phone number. This will allow for full transparency when using call extensions or call-only ads. Revealing the fraudulent click to call activity vs. the real clicks that led to real phone calls has a great impact on your account’s performance and ROI. To activate click to call tracking in your account, log in to your Clixtell dashboard and click “+ Add Line”. Select the pool type “Call From Ads” and follow the instructions on-screen.

As always, Clixtell is leading the way in Click Fraud detection and prevention and setting the industry standards to others. Created by popular demand after listening to your requirements, we are glad to introduce this feature into BETA. Clixtell is the only Click Fraud Protection software allowing advanced fraud detection for Google Ads Call Extensions and Call-Only Ads. We hope to see many users use it and can’t wait for your feedback to improve it.