What is a Traffic Bot?

What is Traffic Bot?

A Traffic Bot is an automated software or a script that browses the internet just like a human user does. Traffic Bots can read, browse, click, search, and interact with different websites as if they were real users.

One of the first uses for traffic bots was and still is by Google, to index the internet and make it available to anyone by a simple search. Google’s bots identify themselves as bots, or “Spiders” as they are called. But a bot designer can easily disguise it to be seen as human by websites. Recent research estimate over 40% of today’s internet traffic is non-human, and with the increasing vastness of the internet, that’s quite a good thing. Otherwise, how could we find the websites we are searching for? traffic bot performing click fraud

The Rise of the new Traffic Bots:
the “Click Bots”

Click Bots are used to generate malicious internet activity known as “Click Fraud” or “Ad Fraud”. These bots specifically target P.P.C ads on different advertising platforms in order to generate automated ad clicks. In a world which in every click equals dollars, sometimes hundreds of dollars, the incentives are high and clear:
  • Generate fake income for website owners
  • Generate fraudulent marketing expenses for the competition
  • Dominate search results positions
An automated click bot can generate hundreds of fake ad impressions and ad clicks a minute. In terms of marketing budget, this is so destructive, it has caused several businesses to completely shut down P.P.C operations. In some other cases, where the business completely relied on P.P.C, to completely shut down the business.

Traffic Bot Detection

As time goes by, bots and their designers get more and more sophisticated. So do we! Clixtell provides cutting-edge solutions to detect click bots and automated tools. Our algorithms track and log every PPC click, lookig at over +100 data points for every click. The system analyzes I.P.s , device IDs, internet service provider, geo-location, on-page user behaviour, and much more. Clixtell’s Click Fraud Protection Software will efficiently detect and block click bots of all types.