What does it mean when an IP address is blocked?

What is an IP address? 

An IP address is a unique address given to any type of electronic device that has access to the internet. The IP address is given by the internet supplier. It made of 4 sections of numbers between 1-254 separated by a dot. By your IP address, your device can be identified in the network like your location and browsing history.

The IP address may be not significant when you use your computer for pleasure or study but when you run Google Ads campaigns, it has a critical purpose.

IPs in PPC and google ads campaigns

Businesses who advertise themselves in Google Ads are aware anyone can search, view, and access their paid ads. When you search for a business or any type of service online, you will find some free ads but typically the first three ads are paid advertisements. Google for example has the Google Ads Network, where adverts are on it is pay per click basis. The click price changes are set by real-time auctions based on keywords, industry, competition, etc. The advertisement cost can reach thousands of dollars and more a month. therefore, it is important that every click you pay for will be from a potential customer and not from Google Ads scammers.

ip address

Who’s depleting your daily budget?

Every digital marketing campaign has a budget. On most platforms, when the PPC budget is depleted, the ad goes off the internet and no one can see it until a daily budget is assigned, usually on the next day. Recently, due to the high costs of the P.P.C. advertising segment and the rising competition competitors in most verticals every industry, un-ethical competitors people take advantage of the advertisement cost and click on their competitor’s ads in order to deplete “finish” their digital media budget. Every business has a budget for advertisement and when you reach that point, the ad goes off the internet and no one can see it until your next budget usually the next day. For this reason, it is important to know who clicks click on your ads, customers, or click fraud activity.

If your business gets many clicks but no customer calls or conversions, probably someone tries to try to run you out of your budget and keeps clicking on your paid ads. In addition, customers or competitors may flood your chat and mail mailing with spam and as a result, you may lose or miss real customers. This malicious phenomenon is known as “Click Fraud”.

Exclude invalid IPs to Save wasted money on Click Fraud activity and to protect your Google Ads campaigns from scammers.

In order to solve it, there is the option to find out who is the IP address that clicks on your ads or flood your chat and block them. Withing Google Ads and Bing Ads, every campaign has an IP Exclusion list, If the IP address looks suspicious the business owner can check the site logs and block the suspicious IP. After adding the IP address to the IP Exclusion list, they will not be able to see your ads and click on you. The business owner will save a lot of money he spent because of fake clicks and will make more money since he will receive more real customers.

We at Clixtell have revolutionized the PPC security industry. Not only we detect and block suspicious IP addresses that committed click fraud automatically, but also, we can block devices from clicking on your ads. While blocking an IP address is very useful, some people know how to change their IP and as a result, the problem of fraud clicks remains. Our algorithm can recognize the device itself even though it changed its IP address and it will still be blocked.