How Does Our Website Video Recorder Work?

Record, Watch, Optimize and boost your digital marketing.

How It Works


Easy Setup

Once you’ve signed up we’ll send you an email with your account username and password.
Follow our instructions in the welcome wizard.
Simply integrate your Google Ads account
insert a tracking javascript to your website or use our WordPress plugin.



Clixtell will immediately start recording every visit to your website, provide you a complete picture of your website visitors and full details of their mouse movements, clicks, scrolls and text writing. You can now see your website through the eyes of your visitors.



Clixtell gives you the ability to see every visitor to your website, watch replays and discover what they interact with and what makes them leave. With our session recorder you can record actual mouse movements as visitors move across pages on your website. You can see where they clicked, how often they moved up and down a page and how they interacted with forms and links.

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