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The Problem: Click Fraud

Invalid click activity – “click fraud“, has become the weapon of choice for unethical competitors and rouge ex-employees. Recent research estimate fraudulent click activity cost over $23 billion in 2017 alone. In other words, for every $3 spent, $1 will go to fraud. With statistics like that – Every digital marketer MUST ask himself – how can I protect my campaigns from click fraud?

Who’s Clicking My Ads?


Over 36% of web traffic is generated by automatic bots & scripts. Is a bot clicking your Goole Adwords Ads? Block them now!


Unethical competitors and ex-employees may click your ads as a strategy, to watch your ads go offline. With Clixtell’s protection they won’t be able to!


“Click Farms” can produce hundreds of clicks within minutes. Are you a target? Protect your Ads! Live, automatic & efficient Click Fraud Protection

What Are Search Engines Doing About It?

Both Google & Bing Ads apply click fraud filters – but they do not prevent it. Instead, they will issue a credit to your account, but sometimes days after, and only if you ask for it. Search engines will always ask for logs & proof when submitting an invalid click investigation.

With Clixtell’s Live Fraud protection & detailed fraud detection reports – you’ll be sure to STOP CLICK FRAUD up to %100 and get your money back!

The Solution:


Our Customers around the world report dramatic increase in R.O.I since using Clixtell.
With the best click fraud protection we monitor, analyze, detect & STOP click fraud on Google Adwords campaigns. So, how does Clixtell work?


Visitors IP & Device ID

After a 5 minute setup, we will start monitoring every click to your website and analyze IP addresses & a device IDs searching for invalid click activity. We will immediately report back to Google & block every rule violation. In addition, you can watch visitor’s Geo location, time on page, device type & fingerprint, ISP, OS and much more…


Adwords & Bing Campaigns

You set the rules, we do the blocks. We detect click fraud activity by the rules you set, and automatically blocks it on Google Adwords. Block IPs manually or automatically by range, device, or one by one. With our customized click fraud report, you’ll be sure to get your money back for every invalid click.


Marketing Profit & ROI

Businesses just like yours report ROI increase of up to 300%! Stopping Click Fraud is easy with Clixtell. We have the best results in detecting and preventing click fraud activity in the most competitive environments. Save money & increase ROI. Start protecting your PPC campaigns today.

Live Dashboard

Track all ad clicks & website calls in one easy dashboard. Control how many clicks you allow from each source.
Stop Adwords Ads Scams automatically. View or download insightful website analytics and call data records.
Track & record sales calls by keyword & ad. Report conversions back to the source.
With Clixtell dashboard – you can maximize digital marketing profit & ROI.

account featuresOnly $40 a Month Per Domain:

  • 24/7 Click Fraud Protection
  • 5 Minute Setup
  • 10,000 Paid Clicks
  • Unlimited Custom Protection Rules
  • Smart Range Blocker
  • Campaign Defense Mode
  • Enhanced Click Bot Protection
  • Multi Domain Protection
  • Easy MCC Integration
  • SMS Live Fraud Notifications
  • I.P. Service Provider
  • Visitor Geo Location
  • Immediate Google Adwords Blocks
  • Device ID Fingerprint
  • Visitor Time On Page
  • Live Dashboard Mode
  • Realtime Analytics & Fraud Reports
  • Complete Visitor Timeline
  • Device Detection & Protection
  • Time Limited IP Blocks
  • Double Range & CIDR Blocker
  • 24/7 Customer Support

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