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Some click fraud protection software only make promises.
Others deliver.
Let Clixtell’s world-class technology safeguard your marketing budget from click fraud activity and boost your ad performance.

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The steadfast steps we take to protect you from click fraud
01 Monitor
Clixtell will monitor each and every click, analyze every IP address, unique device ID, network service providers, VPN providers, proxy servers, geolocation, keywords, time on page, and more, recording all your website visitors by video, searching for invalid clicks activity.
02 Detect
We’ll detect all types of click fraud attempts on your Google
Ads campaigns, whether made by humans or bots, by using more than 100 data points per click.
03 Protect
If click fraud activity is detected, Clixtell will block it immediately, preventing any attempt to attack your Google Ads campaigns by blocking the attacker from seeing your ads.
The marketing tools you need to protect your business

With more than 30% of the activity on Google Ads being fraudulent and billions of dollars lost each year due to click fraud, you need to know someone has got your back

Detect & prevent click fraud
activity instantly
Our powerful 24/7 Google Ads automated click fraud detection and protection system is faster than all the rest, instantly detecting and blocking any type of click fraud activity so you can sleep better at night knowing your marketing budget is safe and sound.
Identify & permanently
block fraudulent devices
Our state-of-the-art “Fingerprint” ID device is able to pinpoint where each fraudulent click came from. So even if the service provider or IP address were to be replaced, we’ll always be able to identify the device the clicks came from by its unique ID.
Record & gain insight into
your user behavior
Using our website video session recorder to analyze visitor behavior, we are able to detect and block click fraud activity. The recordings also give you the insight you need into your visitors’ mouse movements, clicks, scrolls and text writing so you can see your website through their eyes.
Get fully reimbursed by
With extremely high success rates you can count on us to get your money back for you. Our customized click fraud report proves to Google that you suffered from invalid activity so that you can file a report every 60 days and get fully reimbursed by Google.
Analyze & detect call-
only ads click fraud
Our exclusive feature allows you to monitor, record, and detect click fraud activity in call-only ads and call extensions by using a tracking phone number you can choose from our local and toll-free numbers. Our data helps you gain valuable insight as well as report click fraud activity to Google and Bing and get refunded
Monitor & track all your PPC channels The ability to track and analyze every click from all your PPC sources, including Google Ads, Bing ads, Facebook ads, Twitter ads, Taboola, and more.
Simple, Advanced and Affordable
Click fraud Protection Software
Each month Clixtell protects and monitors
5M+ Campaigns
120+ Countries
60M+ Monthly Clicks
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You can integrate Clixtell on all website platforms

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