5M+ Campaigns
120+ Countries
60M+ Monthly Clicks
30%+ An Average Click
Fraud Activity
Join thousands of businesses and marketers around the world who trust Clixtell to monitor and protect their Google Ads campaigns.
Why Clixtell?
Faster Click Fraud
Detection and Protection
Our Powerful 24/7 Google Ads automated click fraud detection and protection system is faster and will instantly detect and block any type of click fraud activity.
Smarter Click Fraud
Device ID’s Blocker
Our advanced device ID fingerprint detection is designed for all the latest devices and bots that click on your Google Ads and PPC campaigns.
Advanced User Behaviour Analyzer Clixtell detects and blocks click fraud activity by analyzing visitor behavior using an advanced video session recorder, and provides you with the ability to watch your visitors' movements and recordings of their mouse flow.
Larger Refunds
by Google
Get larger refunds from Google to your account for all types of invalid activity identified and reported by Clixtell and trusted by Google’s team.
Call-Only Ads Click
Fraud Detection
Our exclusive feature allows you to monitor, record, & detect click fraud activity in call-only ads & call extensions in order to receive a full refund from Google through our detailed reports.
Monitoring All
PPC Channels
The ability to track & analyze every click from all your PPC sources, including Google Ads, Bing ads, Facebook ads, Twitter ads, Taboola, and more.
Simple, Advanced and Affordable
Click fraud Protection Software
01 Monitor
Clixtell will monitor each and every click, analyze every IP address, unique device ID, network service providers, VPN providers, proxy servers, geolocation, keywords, time on page, and more, recording all your website visitors by video, searching for invalid clicks activity.
02 Detect
We’ll detect all types of click fraud attempts on your Google Ads campaigns, whether made by humans or bots, by using more than 100 data points per click.
03 Protect
If click fraud activity is detected, Clixtell will block it immediately, preventing any attempt to attack your Google Ads campaigns by blocking the attacker from seeing your ads.

Clixtell will immediately block 100% of your Google Ads click
fraud activity. Try us for FREE, we'd love to welcome you on board!

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