Click Fraud Detection

Clixtell’s click fraud detection software monitors your website clicks 24/7. We get special data that cannot be forged for each and every click – I.P. address, Device I.D., ISP, Geo-location, time on page, campaign, keyword, landing page, and other useful data.  Of course, the data is available to you live – you view and analyze clicks from all marketing sources in one convenient dashboard. Just like analytics, but with the private security information that’s not available on any analytics product.

You Set What’s Click Fraud

Our click fraud detection algorithms constantly analyzes your pay per click traffic for fraud, by the rules you set. If a Device or an IP is detected as violating a security rule – it’ll be blocked immediately & banned from seeing your paid ads.  This strategy is proven to increase ROI dramatically for many businesses worldwide.

Strong Bot Protection

Our fraud detectors are built to handle the most recent click bots, V.P.Ns & proxies. Activating Clixtell’s Range Blocker will detect and automatically block suspicious IP ranges. Our state of the art Defense Mode is designed to stop malicious click attacks performed by hackers or bots.