Clixtell Reviews

Anna B.
Arts & Crafts, Marketing

“They saved our marketing budget”

“The software revealed to us the real identity of the clickers, and simply and quickly blocked all invalid traffic. Clixtell significantly improved the performance of our PPC campaigns.”

Bethany S.
Digital Marketing Executive

“A amazing tool for previnting fruadent click ”

Very easy user interface and customer rep. is very knowledgeable and helpful. i would like to recommend this tool to my friends. Clixtell has immensely made the job of my sales team easier thanks to its call tracking and recording, website video recording features.

Ross C.
Social Media Manager

“Great solution against click fraud !!”

“This tools provides a great service at a very affordable price and by using clixtell you can beat out the competition and all the click fraud activity on Google ads. The Clixtell click fraud prevention software is very proactive because it’s functionality goes beyond detecting and blocking click frauds on our AdWords campaign it also sends reports to Google so that the suspicious IPs would no longer be able to access our ads.”

Dennis Z.

“Clixtell works well and offers easy IP blocking management”

“After trying one of the bigger brands, we found we lost good traffic due to many false positives, and after a couple of months we switched to Clixtell. Conversions went back after the switch. Analyzing the blocked traffic we didn’t find IPs that were blocked without a good reason. Management of rules and IPs is super easy. Very easy to integrate, flexible blocking rules, extensive details for each IP, the session recorder comes in handy at times.”

Adrian H.
PPC Manager

“Very effective tool and Saved my money”

“Imagine a tool that doesn’t only offer 24/7 automated click fraud prevention but also helps optimize your marketing campaigns these are the perks my firm has been enjoying since we acquired the Clixtell software. Highly recommended… “

Tammy B.

“Excellent Click Fraud Protection & Customer Assistance”

“Excellent customer assistance and product. Prevents multiple/fraud ad clicks with ease of use. Once the team set-up my campaign, I just sat back and let Clixtell do the work for me. Saved many dollars.”

Wilson L.
Marketing Manager, Medical Practice

“Powerful tool”

” Easy to use, affordable price, and really stopped the click fraud activity on my Google Ads which I suffered from. I saw the results and I am very happy with the results so far. This is why i choose and would like to continue use this awesome tool”

Daniel C.
Construction & Remodeling

“Great service with quality software”

“After doing detailed research on click fraud protection services, I came across Clixtell. For my small business and the marketing needed, their service was reliable, constantly improving and a better product overall than other companies I came across.”

Ofir Y.
Founder, Angora Marketing

“The Best System in the Market”

“We’re a digital marketing agency and have been using Clixtell for our Adwords clients. After trying a few anti click-fraud solutions, we found Clixtell to be the best. Their customer support very attentive and fast, which is important to allow us to provide great service to our clients.”

Paris B.
Google Partner

“My Strongest Anti-Click Fraud Tool – Saved One Client’s Business!”

Clixtell is the most accurate & advanced tracking application available to date. My main workflow is SEO, Google Ad’s, data analyst – for various clients. One of my smaller tech clients was under an advanced click fraud attack from at least two tech competitors. I tested all (yes all) anti-click fraud platforms, without doubt, Clixtell data is the most quantifiable. UX is fantastic, set up is dev cost-free if you use G-Tag manager & super swift. What more is there to love? Well …..The fact that Clixtell is forever evolving, I LOVE the new-ish session recordings & stronger VPN detection/notifications. Some of the others have many fancy graphs and basically inaccurate data – easily detectable if you track in conjunction with GA / server logs in extreme cases. So going back to my opening statement – accurate & advanced.

Dave S.
PPC Manager

“Highly recommended, great click fraud protection.”

“Clixtell saved me a lot of money after suffering from click fraud on my Adwords campaigns. Great Customer service. Highly recommended.”

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