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    What Is Click Fraud?

    What Is Click Fraud? The most significant issue facing pay-per-click (PPC) marketers on the Internet today is a problem called click fraud. This event occurs when someone repeatedly clicks an advertisement to drain revenues from the ad purchaser or create income for the hosting site. If this activity is left unchecked, then it can cause […]

    Google is introducing Parallel Tracking

    Parallel Tracking Out of the Box Earlier this year Google announced Parallel Tracking becoming available to all Adwords advertisers. This is great because it means a faster, better experience for website visitors, while Clixtell can gather even more click fraud data in the background without causing any delays. We’re glad to announce Clixtell is ready […]

    Proud to get 2 Awards

    Best Marketing Software 2017 Clixtell team is proud to share some amazing news: We’re featured in as the top 10 Best marketing software for 2017! Check out our recent review – Clixtell is the winner in 2 categories: 2017’s Best User Experience award & 2017’s Rising Star award! Finances online’s experts enthusiastically analyzed how Clixtell benefits digital marketing campaigns by […]

    How To Stop Click Fraud In 4 Free Steps

    How to Stop Click Fraud? Invalid click activity A.K.A “click fraud“, has become the weapon of choice for unethical competitors and rouge ex-employees. Recent research estimate fraudulent click activity cost over $18.5 billion in 2015 alone. In other words, for every $3 spent, $1 will go to fraud. With statistics like that – Every digital marketer MUST ask himself […]

    8 ways Call Tracking can improve your digital marketing

    Use Call Tracking to Measure Success The importance of tracking the results of your digital marketing are long known and well discussed online. Tracking online advertising results, AKA Tracking Conversions, is quite easy when tracking online events who take place on your website, such as a visitor submitting a form or completing a purchase online. […]

    Announcing: Facebook and Twitter Tracking

    Facebook & Twitter Ads Tracking Clixtell’s team is glad to announce the option to track Facebook and Twitter clicks is added to our tracking system. Our BETA users are now able to track, monitor & analyze all website clicks and phone calls originating from Facebook and Twitter platforms. We are now successfully tracking website clicks and customer […]

    Welcome to Clixtell’s Blog

    We are glad to announce Clixtell is launching final BETA stage. We are currently finalizing our product and will be ready soon to help you track, protect and boost your digital marketing efforts. Stay tuned, follow us on social media. We’ll be coming soon!